Hello smart home

PassivLiving HEAT is a smart heating service which allows you to control your heating remotely using a smart phone, PC or tablet.

Control from anywhere

At work, on the train, in the pub, picking up the children, or even on holiday. PassivLiving HEAT puts you in control of your heating through 4 easy to use occupancy states; IN, OUT, ASLEEP or AWAY.

  • In

    At home looking after the children, watching TV or relaxing.

  • Asleep

    Everyone's tucked up in bed.

  • Out

    At work, at the shops or out having fun.

  • Away

    Going away for the weekend, or a holiday.

Best night’s sleep

Set your perfect temperature so that you get a great night’s sleep. Forget fiddly timers, tell PassivLiving HEAT what time you get up and it will warm your home just before you wake without wasting unnecessary energy.

Holiday scheduling

Whether you have a holiday planned or decide to take a last minute break, the PassivLiving app lets you adjust your heating should you need to. Perfect if you forget to turn the heating down in the last minute rush and want to avoid heating an empty home.

Learn and adapt

Understand your energy usage using the PassivLiving portal. Log in to see how your heating system is performing over time and adjust your heating patterns and save energy.

Learn more

Save energy & money

Our studies have shown that PassivLiving HEAT could save up to 23%* on your energy consumption.

*Based upon an average household frequently adjusting the temperature
and occupancy state of their home using the PassivLiving app.


Once you buy the system a member of the team will contact you to organise a convenient time to visit and install the system.

To ensure it is fitted well we have selected a team of expert engineers to install it in our customers’ homes.

You'll wonder what you ever did without it!

Prices start at £279

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If you have any questions about PassivLiving send us a message and we will do our best to help you.
If you send us your contact number and a convenient time to talk we will call you back at no cost to you.

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